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A Pool House (performance) 2018

Site specific performance, 60 min

In Collaboration with Anna-Sofia Nylund

Performers and voice over: Venla Helenius and Anna-Sofia Nylund

Music: Ludvig Allén

Biologist: Pauliina Saarman

Guide: Xenia Østergård Ramm


"Venla Helenius & Anna-Sofia Nylund's A Pool House is a site-specific performance that takes place in an abandoned, or “released”, pool house located in Ramsinranta, Helsinki. The performance examines the pool house through the concept of “modern ruin”, investigating the cultural significance of the surviving structures. The idea of regarding the ruin as a stable and sanitized attraction is challenged in the performance, which raises questions related to the poetics and politics of decline, decay and new life forms."

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