12:38, HD video, sound 

cinematography: Venla Helenius & Elina Kaakinen

editing: Venla Helenius

costumes: Venla Helenius

Music: Tytti Arola

Lighting design (installation): Sofia Palillo

English translation: Eve Lahikainen


Venla: Hey can I read you something, I wrote a text for this.

Elina: well, okay, go ahead.

Venla: Okay, so you can tell if it’s good or not. wait a minute.

Okay, so this is kinda for you.

Elina: Okay then.

Venla: I’m thinking about how certain routines stick, and how we forget others. A familiar

movement of hands when you wrap your hair around rollers. When you put on your favourite

outfit. A white t-shirt with a lace collar. Velvet, swarming with light pink worms. A straw hat,

and the sun shines through it and paints crisscross on your face.

Elina: That’s lovely.

Venla: When I was a kid, I put on outfits that I found in your wardrobe, hats and shoes. I

walked and danced around the yard, my feet in these big shoes, dragging them like ships.

Elina: (Laughter) Oh we had so much.

Venla: I was an elf, a magician, a fairy, a star, and a troll. And you encouraged me to be all

that and more.

Elina: Oh.

Venla: Now, right here, you’ve started to tell the same stories over and over again. But when

you listen closely, the stories take shape into new ones, time after time.

Elina: Yeah, oh my.

Venla: Repetitive words, and new paths and details are created beside them. A whole new

world is created around memories. A world that is present here and now, in brief moments.

Elina: Oh my, you know how to put it, I’m almost crying.

Venla: You lead me into worlds where we still know how to play, where we feel passionate

and ecstatic. Electric surges in the body, that’s also what we call desire. You close your eyes

and you hum. Silvery sounds that are moved and shaped by light breaths of air. You say that

we have a voice and we are not afraid to use it.

Elina: Yeah, think about it.

Venla: The space expands while you’re standing there. You move your arms, and here we

have this kind of world.

Elina: So, are you saying that you felt playful?

Venla: well yeah.

Elina: So, neither one of us felt like nervous at all.

"We lived together for two months, thinking about questions that arise from intergenerational knowledge and a relationship based on mutual care.

video link: https://youtu.be/7jjr-44h_fY