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Tyyntyminen 2020

Sprinklers burst open. It rings. An artificial weather phenomenon cuts into the sleepiness of the day, the stuttering of the sprinkler.

They feel like wanting to burst into some sort of a run. They feel they are so strong that they can’t quite handle it. 


Relenting is a performance installation about parks and park life. 

The piece invites the spectator to think of the park as a place where nature is layered on top of public space. Romantic representations of nature, the relationship between place and landscape and the richness of species and beings are the central topics of the piece. The spectator is welcomed to be a part of a performative park where fragmented park living is intertwined with longer nature-culture continuums. 

In collaboration with Milka Luhtaniemi

Concept, texts, performing, spatial design: Venla Helenius and Milka Luhtaniemi 
Lighting design and spatial design: Sofia Palillo 
Sound design: Johannes Birlinger 
Flutist: Livia Schweizer 
Voice over: Aino Lintunen 
English translation: Eve Lahikainen 

The work has been supported by Kone Foundation and the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

photo: Sofia Palillo
photo: Saara Autere
photo: Sofia Palillo
photo: Venla Helenius
photo: Venla Helenius
photo: Venla Helenius
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